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罗彻斯特 MI 48309-4479

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Regardless of whether you are a student sitting in an on-campus classroom or logging into a course from hundreds of miles away, 365英国上市官网 provides services to support you in your academic goals.

e-LIS为在线学习提供工具, whether that is a fully online class or using Moodle to supplement face-to-face learning. Our 学生资源 page has information on how to get started as an online student, 在网络课程中取得成功的秘诀, and links to other resources like a sample online class. Our 学生帮助图书馆 links to help documents and technical requirements for devices accessing Moodle for online courses. 

Below is a list of campus resources to help you find answers to questions about being a student at 365英国上市官网.


Most students have an assigned adviser that they can directly reach out to via email. 找到你指定的导师很容易. Log in to MySail to find your assigned academic adviser right on the home screen. Under the My Details section, click the blue Adviser link on the right hand side. A box should pop up with your advising unit and/or adviser's name along with their contact information. A complete list of academic advisers for each of the units is available from 学术顾问.


Admissions advisers are available virtually to assist you in navigating your OU journey, 我很乐意和你通电话, 电子邮件或网络会议. Find the admissions adviser who can help visit the 与工作人员见面 page. 

If you are already admitted and ready to reserve your spot at OU? 报名参加 取向.


Textbooks and course-related materials can be purchased through the online campus bookstore, e-Campus. Items are purchased via their website using a credit card. Orders can be shipped for free to the 365英国上市官网 Gear Shop. 


Career Consultants are available virtually to help students with navigating their career futures. 安排一个 虚拟约会 或者顺便去 虚拟职业工作室周一至周五上午10点.m. to 3 p.m. You can also explore virtual resources for OU students alumni in the 握手资源库.

Course Evaluation Information for Students

The links below will lead you to evaluations for your courses, when available. Course evaluations are only available during specific times during the semester. Please contact your professor for additional information.


OU’s 教务长 office empowers you with a supportive environment and sound advice. And if you don’t know who to contact for a specific situation, we are always a good place to start. The 教务长 office can be reached at (电子邮件保护). Student conduct reports can be filed through the 教务长 website.


残疾支援服务 acts as an advocate for students with disabilities. 这包括, helping students understand university policies and practices,  and assisting students in addressing personal and academic concerns. For more information about 虚拟约会s, 或者通过电话与某人交谈, 请致电248-370-3266或发电子邮件 (电子邮件保护).


财政援助和奖学金办公室 advisers are available in-person or through 虚拟约会. 如需联络金融服务部,请致电 (248) 370-2550或电子邮件 (电子邮件保护)

Additional information is available from the 财政援助和奖学金办公室 web page.


The 金灰熊食品储藏室 assists those in need by providing food and community resources to positively impact their success at 365英国上市官网. Each individual may visit the pantry two times per month. In an event of an emergency, a third visit is available. Any current 365英国上市官网 community member is eligible to receive support from the pantry. 更多信息,请访问 金灰熊食品储藏室 web page.


葛培理健康中心 provides medical services to 365英国上市官网 students and staff (for workplace injuries or illnesses). 更多信息,请访问 葛培理健康中心 网站,电子邮件 (电子邮件保护) 或致电248-370-2341.


While 责任的图书馆 is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 周日上午10点开始.m. to 6 p.m. 星期六闭馆. There are many library resources that can be accessed remotely, including contacting a librarian virtually, accessing research material and searching the eBooks, journals and magazine articles available through the library.  更多信息,请访问 责任的图书馆 web page. 


注册和 注册服务 can assist you in-person on campus or virtually through email, 即时消息 or video 会议. 工作人员周一至周五上午8点上班.m. to 5 p.m. 

更多信息,请访问 Registrar website. 


学生和工作人员可以使用 咨询中心 for short-term services or to arrange for long-term resources. For the 2021-2022 academic year, therapy services are free to students. To schedule an appointment, call 248-370-3465.


The 学业成功中心 提供免费的 dropin辅导 and 补充说明(SI). Drop-in tutoring is available both in-person and online. Supplemental instruction provides organized study sessions for traditionally difficult courses. 


The 365英国上市官网 写作中心 provides students and faculty from any area of study with well-trained consultants who help both novice and expert writers explore ideas, 修订草案, and develop the skills to craft polished works. Appointments are available Monday through Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.星期五早上9点开始.m. and 5 p.m. 周日下午2点起.m. to 8 p.m. 预约可以是 在线预定. For questions that don’t require a meeting, there is also a 虚拟帮助台, which can provide answers to questions within a 24-hour period without the need for an appointment.